iPlaid by Susan Fielder Art

I'm making a difference for all of the people who are currently fighting and those who have lost their battle with pancreatic cancer. The program I created is called Iplaid. It stands for "Intuitive Passion Launches an Inner Discovery." My husband, Dan Mears, was a great man and deserved to enjoy his retirement, friends and family on his life-path. Instead, cancer took us into a world that was unknown, scary and ultimately took him to a higher place. Hence, my creations are what has happened since his death. Not planned, nor articulated, just what became. I prayed about finding answers and I believe that God lead me down this road. My first image created on the iPad is called iPlaid on behalf of Steve Jobs. Why? My love for Apple products, combined with the fact that he was known worldwide for fighting the fight but losing his battle with this terrible disease. So it made perfect sense for me to name my design "iPlaid" for him. Other art followed as you will see with "Peaceful Passion" for my husband, "The Blessed Man" for Count Basie, Notes to Music for Luciano Pavarotti and many more. The many images in my gallery represent those lives lost. It is my hope to raise awareness and much needed funding for pancreatic cancer researchers by producing what has magically come to me. Thanks to Fine Art America, Zazzle and Shopify for their platforms to show a new way to find a cure through Art.
I have custom products available on www.zazzle.com/iplaid, iplaid.org and www.susanfielderart.com with many more designs. I am also very interested in licensing my images to help in other artful mediums. Please contact me if you have some ideas. I am wide open to share this worthy cause. 858-395-8466