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Support the Cause

Pancreatic cancer has taken the lives of these and many others. I so appreciate your support for my cause of finding the cure. With your help, we can raise awareness and funds to help those suffering from this silent killer. If you are interested in partnering with me and supporting my mission here are some ways you can do so.
For facilities (Doctors offices, companies, universities, businesses)  You have the opportunity to purchase a set of my iPlaid images printed on beautiful metal to hang on the walls of your location. Doing so will raise awareness and show your support for the cause. 10% will be donated to researchers for the cure. Please fill out the form below or call the number listed.

Pharmaceutical Companies - If you are in the pharmaceutical industry working to find a cure, I would love to partner with you and have my images of the departed in the halls of your facility to remind and bring awareness of the importance of the cure for pancreatic cancer. 10% of your art order will be donated to research for the cure.

Press - If you would like to support the cause by giving us exposure on your site or publication please fill out the form below or call the number listed.

Have another idea or want to partner? We would love to hear from you!

(858) 395-8466